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    Affirmation Class (7th grade - Adult)
Affirmation Classes (aka Confirmation) - Youth

“Confirmation needs to be a way young people see themselves as named, claimed, and affirmed by God. It is God’s loving action in one’s life that is the basis of confirmation.”
Dr. Paul Hill. 2000 Confirmation Leadership Conference.


It is the intention of the Affirmation Program to assist parents in the Spiritual/Faith formation of their student NOT to replace them. It is the Mission intent of Grace Lutheran to assist youth into the ministry of doing with their brothers and sisters in Christ where ever they may go in life.

What does it mean?

Faith Formation and growth as a disciple of Jesus Christ is lifelong. Faith formation events such as Worship, Sunday School, Fellowship, Service and Affirmation instruction are all apart of growing deeper into a relationship with God. The action of Affirming your baptism is a public witness within the community of faith that you are opening the next door to discipleship in joining the level of membership that does ministry in a confidence and in relationship to God and fellow disciples. It means that you are now impacting and shaping others lives as you are impacted with God’s Spirit in shaping you. Prayer, study, worship, teaching mentoring, service to others and living a stewardship lifestyle is the active lifestyle of a person who affirms what God began in Baptism.

Is it necessary?

People are baptized at all ages, for Lutherans, we abide by the scriptural admonition to baptize as available. Infant baptism is encouraged. God’s invitation to community and Spirit is followed by the student’s opportunity to take on baptismal life as a disciple in the Affirmation of Baptism. Parents equip their students to make informed promises by knowing and doing through this Affirmation journey. It is a family lifestyle, it is a personal lifestyle, it is discipleship lived out.

What does it involve?

Fall Retreat: Overnight retreat as social time while considering the confirmation journey ahead with class mates and fellow disciples.

Classes: A two year process of Scripture and Catechesis. Year A: Scripture Overview- Creation, Prophets, & Law. Year B: Catechesis: Lutheranism 101, Creeds, Ten Commandments, Lord’s Prayer, Office of the Keys.

Doing:  Some memory work will be expected. Worship attendance is expected. Class attendance is expected. Discipleship Events-service projects with parents can be anticipated. Some sermon notes will be expected.

Faith Talk- during the semester there will be conferences where the student meets one on one with board members or staff to reflect on the Affirmation journey, review Sermons notes, memory work, and or projects/events. A time to review, reflect and discuss.


See Church Calendar for schedule of events & activities.



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