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Welcome to Grace Lutheran!
It is the purpose and ministry of Grace Luthean to assist people in their spiritual journey to glorify and serve God, and in response to God's love serve mankind.
We hope you'll join us again, after your first look. If you have any questions, please see the host or greeters during worship, call us at 563-263-5680, or shoot us an e-mail (
Grace Lutheran Core Values
1. We follow and listen to God: Worship & Pray, Study & Serve.

2. We look to Scripture as God's living Word to life & living.

3. The Sacraments are a means by which God touches us in sacred ways.
4. As Disciples of Christ, we grow spiritually into God, Son and Holy Spirit.
5. God's advocatge sent to us in the Holy Spirit is not based in human tradition, but the activity of God's presence today.
Getting Started at Grace:

There are classes of Introduction & Christian Discipleship as well as opportunities for service. Whether you are a member or not, you are welcome to classes, events or service opportunities. See our Events & Classes schedule for further details.

God isn't looking for just another volunteer, but rather inviting you to your heart's passion in discipleship by loving and serving God. We then serve others in that passion.

3 Circles in the Bulletin

Our lives, as a comminity of faith, are focused in Worship, Education (Spiritual Formulation), and Discipleship Service. In the center of those life styles are God, God's Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. A spiritually centered life starts and ends with the Holy Trinity.

The Living Word creates faith, we accept the Word trusting Jesus as Lord not just Savior, and we are to be the product of the fruit and seed in God's Kingdom.

There are four points of growing spirituallly. The journey begins as a

1. Seeker - You wonder about the bigger questions of life
2. Believer - You are touched by the Good News and move beyond just listening to receiving and are moved to faith and discipleship to Christ
3. Follower - You are committed to a growing in a relationship to Christ, you trust God's grace for you and others. God is daily for you.
4. Servant Leader - You surrender to God's will and are looking for opportunties to love, fully committed to serve others and make Christ known to the world.

Can I reach the ministry staff?

Yes. Our names and points of contact are below, and on newsletters and other publications for the congregation. Contact us if you have a need.
Interim Pastor Aanonson 563-263-5680

Robert Romza: Minister of Music

Ministry of Administration: Office Hours 9:00-3:30 Monday-Thursday, closed Friday  563-263-5680,


2107 Cedar Street
Muscatine, IA 52761
Summer Sunday Worship
9:00 am - Abundant Life
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