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Should the Muscatine School System cancel its activities due to weather or experience early dismissal due to weather, all activities and programs for the afternoon and evening at the church will also be canceled. This cancellation will be recorded on the answering machine at the church office, noted to both local radio stations, posted on the opening page of the church website and church facebook wall. Should the Muscatine Schools be delayed due to weather conditions, the church office will also be delayed in being open for business.

WORSHIP CANCELLATION: Should weather adversely affect travel to scheduled worship services:

1. Scheduled music accompaniment, choir director should call the chair of worship and music two hours prior to worship.

2. Sunday School teachers should contact the chair of education two hours prior to worship. The chair of Education shall call the pastor with decision whether Sunday School will be held two hours prior to the scheduled worship.

3. The chair of the Council and the Pastor determine one hour and a half before the scheduled worship as to whether worship will be conducted. This time frame is to plan adequate time for local broadcast media to inform the public, to change the greeting on the answering machine to announce cancellation, and to post on the open church website cancellation or delay of scheduled worship.

4. Pastor will be responsible for the website and recorded message at the church. Council president will inform the local broadcast media (KWPC, KWCC 263-2442). Pastor will notify the Worship & Music chair who will notify the worship team (ushers, organist, altar guild, communion assistants, choir director(s).


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